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In silent reverie,
Atop a wood planked paradise,
Sweet blooms and tobacco burn out the last lights of a warm spring day.
Delicate velvet blossoms drape bowed, sagging beneath weighted brilliance, divided.
Ten miles or the length of steel and wood, my hand can no longer reach you.
I bend and elevate limbs, the birds’ evening lullaby weeping soft accompaniment.
Synchronized with crooked wings, we’ve dipped and swayed on an invisible breeze,
Strongholds colliding along dusk’s strange illumination.
A prey to this vernal tempest, plummeting through stilled air,
I take you under my broken wing so we can fall together.

Life, nature


On a windy day in paradise
Brilliant, crystalline waves fracture over protective rock walls
Breaking their striated pattern of azure, amethyst, sapphire and turquoise,
Vast, unbroken expanses spanning the edge of the horizon, amazing in their diversity jammed against one another, converging only when the waves meet the earth.

Enthralled, I gaze upon the ocean while the sun warms my back easing all tension from my sinew, smoothing my skin and relaxing my thoughts.
I have found my solace from contrived perfection and acceptable desire.
My paradise on a windy day is unconventional.

Sea spray sweeps across my face cooling the unnatural glow left by the persistent, tropical sun whose golden rays tear through gray storm clouds and push their light to the end of the world igniting the depths of my soul.
I stare out onto a sea of unbroken thought, tumultuous waves unfurling upon the shore, lapping away temporary imprints of missteps and misconceptions, my understanding rising with the tide.

Slight and stubborn, self-assured, I stand steadfast, pressed headlong against the winds.
They whip and scatter my unruly curls with force matched only by my abandon.
Shedding all pretenses, stripped bare and alone,
I taste the dried salt upon my lips offering me deliverance from an artificially perfumed existence, my skin hydrated and smooth in this sticky, sweet air of truth.

I indulge the jeweled waters of my spirit and ease into the clarity of crystal waves then dive lithe and swift challenging their fluidity, alive within their smooth, familiar touch.
As I surface to take a breath my once windswept hair lies smooth and still as the cool, briny air whips my back.

Resolute on sand and silt, I stand, tranquil and contented.
I abandon explorations of the deep and relinquish myself to Mexican sun.
Returning to my vigil, newly awakened, I watch the warm delicate rays reflect my image in the lustrous plains of the glistening sea.