Do You at Least Know I Love You?

Sometimes even diamonds crack
she’d say with a nervous laugh and pain in her eyes.

I’m not sure she remembers,
what he said or
if I’ve made her proud.

Glass of time draining memories,
the only treasures she can’t bequeath.

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May I ask for your support as I “Walk to End Lupus Now?”

Dear Friends and Family,

I will be walking in the 8th Annual Walk to End Lupus Now on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, the largest LFA walk in the country!  At present, 55,000 Georgians are living with Lupus. The Walk to End Lupus Now raises funds and awareness for the Georgia Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of American.  As team captain for The Purple Penquins I would like to extend an invitation for you to join our team, help us spread the word and garner increased support in our fundraising efforts.

My personal goal is to raise $1,000 to help our family and any other family that is affected by this still incurable, confusing and often times debilitating disease.  I walk to give hope, to inspire, to make a change and to find a cure!  The funds raised through the walk will ensure our chapter continues to provide and expand the only statewide, free educational programs, advocacy and awareness efforts including seven Lupus symposiums and new support groups across Georgia.  Will you support my commitment and help me reach my personal fundraising goal?  

Please visit my webpage, or the Purple Penquins team page, to join my team and/or make a tax-deductible donation.  You may use a credit card on the secured website to receive an emailed tax receipt.  You can also send a check payable to the Georgia Chapter with the form available on my website.

Ninety percent of every dollar we raise stays in Georgia ensuring our chapter continues to be a lifeline and a voice of hope, raising awareness and fighting for Lupus families.  The Georgia chapter also supports national research efforts by funding and advocating for investment in Lupus.

Ten years ago barely anyone discussed Lupus, there was little awareness and understanding of the signs and symptoms of this ailment and very little investment in research.  In 2011 the first new drug for Lupus treatment in 52 years was finally approved, giving hope to the 1.5 million American men, women and children living with Lupus.  We are beginning to make strides but must ensure efforts to diagnose, understand, fight and eradicate this disease, continue at a more rapid pace.  Please visit our chapter website at  for more information or to get involved.

Thank you so much for your support!  I will keep you updated as I reach my goal.  Please feel free to forward my request to anyone you feel would support me and/or my team in the Walk to End Lupus Now! You may, as well, contact me at any time for more information or with any questions.  Together, we can make a tremendous difference!

Best Regards,

Christina D. Hardman


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Music Box

Confined by the concentric overtures of her clockwork’s steady beat,
A porcelain figurine waltzes through melancholy strains.
Tempo bound by another’s hand she twirls in sync with discordant melody,
So she borrows your sturdy shoulder and sheds her painted tears while you reach toward nothing more than gilt curiosity.
Beneath the lunar glow distorting thoughts and realities,
Is the playing of fragile lives,
And a duet with one’s self.

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In silent reverie,
Atop a wood planked paradise,
Sweet blooms and tobacco burn out the last lights of a warm spring day.
Delicate velvet blossoms drape bowed, sagging beneath weighted brilliance, divided.
Ten miles or the length of steel and wood, my hand can no longer reach you.
I bend and elevate limbs, the birds’ evening lullaby weeping soft accompaniment.
Synchronized with crooked wings, we’ve dipped and swayed on an invisible breeze,
Strongholds colliding along dusk’s strange illumination.
A prey to this vernal tempest, plummeting through stilled air,
I take you under my broken wing so we can fall together.

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Bedtime Story

He was the one that never was but could have been,
if life and fate intersected much earlier on, though she was
different then and he wasn’t ready yet.
In her mangled version of forever,
the fairy tale dies in the end.
So she drinks her crimson silk, regret growing distant as the
setting sun while
time pours out the tears of ages upon Eden’s arid plains.
Her phantasm slips away between sanguine drops irrigating the
bed of roses under which her favorite secrets lie.

She tilts her head back and laughs as a screeching eagle dives, keen
eyes absorbing the last lights of day.
His outstretched talons stab at madness carrying off the fallacies
of an early spring.
Her knighted horse had wings, she muses, skeletal as the
morning fog.
He rode on whispered tears doling out fantastic smiles,
none of which he saved for her as she danced amid delusion in
the scarlet morning sun.

They lived encircling this odd stupor carving out sorrow and
their flaccid kisses scorching opportunity,
unearthing tomorrow’s promises with clumsy, nearsighted flaws.
Now she sits in her perpetual creation envying the eagle’s

Her fairy tale is laid to rest with the fading streaks of dusk,
not at peace nor with her thoughts but where all broken things must go.
Plucking a rose she pierces her supple flesh
marking the end of foolish days, the epitaph of her fantasies.

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On a windy day in paradise
Brilliant, crystalline waves fracture over protective rock walls
Breaking their striated pattern of azure, amethyst, sapphire and turquoise,
Vast, unbroken expanses spanning the edge of the horizon, amazing in their diversity jammed against one another, converging only when the waves meet the earth.

Enthralled, I gaze upon the ocean while the sun warms my back easing all tension from my sinew, smoothing my skin and relaxing my thoughts.
I have found my solace from contrived perfection and acceptable desire.
My paradise on a windy day is unconventional.

Sea spray sweeps across my face cooling the unnatural glow left by the persistent, tropical sun whose golden rays tear through gray storm clouds and push their light to the end of the world igniting the depths of my soul.
I stare out onto a sea of unbroken thought, tumultuous waves unfurling upon the shore, lapping away temporary imprints of missteps and misconceptions, my understanding rising with the tide.

Slight and stubborn, self-assured, I stand steadfast, pressed headlong against the winds.
They whip and scatter my unruly curls with force matched only by my abandon.
Shedding all pretenses, stripped bare and alone,
I taste the dried salt upon my lips offering me deliverance from an artificially perfumed existence, my skin hydrated and smooth in this sticky, sweet air of truth.

I indulge the jeweled waters of my spirit and ease into the clarity of crystal waves then dive lithe and swift challenging their fluidity, alive within their smooth, familiar touch.
As I surface to take a breath my once windswept hair lies smooth and still as the cool, briny air whips my back.

Resolute on sand and silt, I stand, tranquil and contented.
I abandon explorations of the deep and relinquish myself to Mexican sun.
Returning to my vigil, newly awakened, I watch the warm delicate rays reflect my image in the lustrous plains of the glistening sea.

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Beside the bonfire a blazing heart muses in remembrance while her soul feeds upon the flames.

Calcified scars dissolve and transform into emblems of strength as familiar passions are reborn within this sanctuary of heat.

The serpent dances unencumbered as illusory expectations and ash fall like snow severing and aiding fate’s intent.

He throws and spits a swirling embrace, this jubilant creature hardened by life’s shadows, conceiving an impassioned trance and a life somewhere between her insipid solitude and confusion.

She lies still against cold, hard clay allowing her façade to melt, imbibing awakened consciousness, oblivious to her surroundings.

The flames lick and spray sky-bound careful to avoid her flesh; avoid fresh wounds and vile scars.

But her covetous skin engulfed and illuminated, craves their scorching touch, the breath of her spirit.

She feeds the hungry serpent from her pile of dried thoughts while he hisses and cracks at the cold, heavy raindrops descending toward earth.

Their reciprocal nourishment exhales a curl of hope, asphyxiating the unassuming shower, perpetuating an idyllic mirage suspended above stagnation.

The rain’s retribution is veritable possession whose steady fall plucks the disintegration of the respite of another life.

As her snake grows weak, she grows cold; lamenting and encouraging the dissipating vapors, she wonders how a heart forgets the feeling of a soul feeding upon flames.