A Solitary Companion

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls prepare to be astounded as I take you through a tumultuous journey into the great world of illusion! I beg of you to keep your wits as I call upon the practices of ancients. Decide for yourselves whether you have been deceived or if I do, indeed, possess these long-storied abilities.

For your senses, surely, do not lie nor does your heart…

And so, he moves from sleepy town to big city the world over
This lonely drifter
Rolling in on presumption and attaching to a vow.
He collects fascination and sacrifices innocent desire
Infecting the minds of those who so want to believe,
The constructs of men, binding them to myth and envy.

“Fools,” he mumbles under his breath, “So easily convinced.”

Devoid of lasting companions save a treasured cache of hope amassed from his victims, skeptics and believers alike,
This traveler slips into hearts just as the clouds pour their riches to earth.

He continues his journey over manicured lawns and through fractured souls
daring anyone to expose him as fraud.

But befuddled and trusting whimsy to logic these simple creatures defy reality for illusion.

Blindsided anger and confusion rein in the wake of our traveler’s departure.
Trust is a fickle companion for those who deny nature.

Just once, I want to believe in his magic.


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