At the Barre on a Saturday Night (Distraction)

Stand straight, first position, heels together, neck long, back up, shoulders down, left hand on the barre, inhale…
Demi plié, two and straighten, four
Demi, two and straighten, four
Grand, two, think up to go down, heels rise, thighs long not gripped, seven, eight
Forward, nose to your knees,
Up and over to go back…

Second position…

Think up to go down

Lying alone in our bed, again
I abandon my spot and find the middle
Your scent erased from our fresh sheets

Relevé. Use the floor; think down to go up…
I draw strength in solitude.

Weight forward (or you will fall back)
Life demands my attention and distraction
“How do you…?” What choices have I?

“What did the doctor say?” Slap on a smile and lie.

Don’t forget to Breathe
I inhale your sentiment sinking deep
Words running up my legs,
Press me tight against your assurance

I can’t anymore, my legs won’t hold me there like they used to when I thought it was impossible, and anything was possible.
My body breaks.

Energy through your fingertips!
Mine reach, hungry for someone not here.

Tendu, preparation
Taste of you on my lips

Eyes up
I know you’ll come back

Let go of the barre and stay, stay, stay…



An end of summer lullaby
glides on an evening breeze.
We watch a little dragonfly
dance out from distant trees.

He pokes and prods the summer air
soaring through the light.
our children laugh without care,
some magic in this flight.

An end of summer lullaby
keeps days that do not end.
The sweet and heartfelt promises,
a tender summer friend.

Our children play and dance along,
all adventures won!
Not noticing this summer song
beneath the setting sun.