Walk to End Lupus Now!

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s that time of year again! I will be walking in Atlanta’s ninth annual Walk to End Lupus Now this Saturday, May 2nd at Piedmont Park in Atlanta and I need your help! The Walk to End Lupus Now raises funds, advocacy and awareness for the Georgia Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of American.

I walk to give hope, to inspire, to make a difference and to find a cure! As team captain for The Purple Penguins I would like to extend an invitation for you to join our team, help us spread the word and garner increased support in our fundraising efforts.

My personal goal is to raise $1,000 to help my family and every other family that is affected by this incurable, confusing, often times debilitating and chronic disease. The funds we raise through the walk will ensure our chapter continues to provide and expand upon their efforts in supporting research, education, and advocacy as well as support for those living with lupus.

Please visit my webpage, Christina Hardman’s Lupus Walk Donation Page to make a tax-deductible donation and to join my team. You may use a credit card on the secured website to receive an emailed tax receipt. You can also send a check payable to the Georgia Chapter with the form available on my website.

Ninety percent of every dollar we raise stays in Georgia ensuring our chapter continues to be a lifeline and a voice of hope, raising awareness and fighting for Lupus families. The Georgia chapter also supports national research efforts by funding and advocating for investment in Lupus.

Ten years ago barely anyone discussed Lupus, there was little awareness and understanding of the signs and symptoms of this ailment and very little investment in research. Unfortunately we still have a long way to go. Ask anyone with this disease and you’ll hear a myriad of miserable stories ranging from a decade of puzzling severe symptoms before diagnosis, to organ failure, frequent trips to the E.R. hospitalization, difficulty moving or the passing of loved ones with the same condition. We need to put and end to these stories, stories told with a special kind of resolve and determination. All lupus survivors deserve our help.

In 2011 the first new drug for Lupus treatment in 52 years was finally approved, giving hope to the 1.5 million American men, women and children living with Lupus. We are beginning to make strides but must ensure efforts to diagnose, understand, fight and eradicate this disease, continue at a more rapid pace. Please visit our chapter website at http://www.lupusga.org for more information and to get involved.

I thank you so much for your support! Please feel free to forward my request to anyone you feel would support me and/or my team in the Walk to End Lupus Now! You may, as well, contact me at any time for more information or with any questions. Together, we can make a tremendous difference!

Best Regards,

Christina D. Hardman