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Music Box

Confined by the concentric overtures of her clockwork’s steady beat,
A porcelain figurine waltzes through melancholy strains.
Tempo bound by another’s hand she twirls in sync with discordant melody,
So she borrows your sturdy shoulder and sheds her painted tears while you reach toward nothing more than gilt curiosity.
Beneath the lunar glow distorting thoughts and realities,
Is the playing of fragile lives,
And a duet with one’s self.

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In silent reverie,
Atop a wood planked paradise,
Sweet blooms and tobacco burn out the last lights of a warm spring day.
Delicate velvet blossoms drape bowed, sagging beneath weighted brilliance, divided.
Ten miles or the length of steel and wood, my hand can no longer reach you.
I bend and elevate limbs, the birds’ evening lullaby weeping soft accompaniment.
Synchronized with crooked wings, we’ve dipped and swayed on an invisible breeze,
Strongholds colliding along dusk’s strange illumination.
A prey to this vernal tempest, plummeting through stilled air,
I take you under my broken wing so we can fall together.