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Beside the bonfire a blazing heart muses in remembrance while her soul feeds upon the flames.

Calcified scars dissolve and transform into emblems of strength as familiar passions are reborn within this sanctuary of heat.

The serpent dances unencumbered as illusory expectations and ash fall like snow severing and aiding fate’s intent.

He throws and spits a swirling embrace, this jubilant creature hardened by life’s shadows, conceiving an impassioned trance and a life somewhere between her insipid solitude and confusion.

She lies still against cold, hard clay allowing her façade to melt, imbibing awakened consciousness, oblivious to her surroundings.

The flames lick and spray sky-bound careful to avoid her flesh; avoid fresh wounds and vile scars.

But her covetous skin engulfed and illuminated, craves their scorching touch, the breath of her spirit.

She feeds the hungry serpent from her pile of dried thoughts while he hisses and cracks at the cold, heavy raindrops descending toward earth.

Their reciprocal nourishment exhales a curl of hope, asphyxiating the unassuming shower, perpetuating an idyllic mirage suspended above stagnation.

The rain’s retribution is veritable possession whose steady fall plucks the disintegration of the respite of another life.

As her snake grows weak, she grows cold; lamenting and encouraging the dissipating vapors, she wonders how a heart forgets the feeling of a soul feeding upon flames.