Letter From Santa

My daughter was heartbroken when she found her brother’s Christmas gift in our bedroom a few days before Christmas.  She couldn’t understand why she thought she saw daddy with the gift she asked Santa to bring her brother (she wrote a letter to Santa for both of them since the baby cannot write- she wanted to make sure he received a gift too).  This was my answer- a letter from Santa that arrived two nights before Christmas Eve.  Children grow up quickly enough and are faced with reality very early.  I’d hope my letter would at least keep her from giving up on Santa so young.  I want to keep her spirit alive, her dreams sharp and magic real.   My letter:

C you must forgive me my dear,

You saw J’s present too early I fear.

I gave it to daddy because he would know better

Exactly what J wants, the toy in your letter.

Sometimes I check my gifts twice

Just like I check who is naughty and nice.

Christmas is the best time of year,

It’s happy and joyous, filled with good cheer.

I have lots of help in the North Pole you see,

But sometimes I like another helper or three.

Mommies and daddies and sisters and brothers

Are the best helpers when I’m giving to others.

Your letter was perfect, I thank you so much

And daddy confirmed my gift as such.

Please don’t tell your brother his gift arrived early

For this is not going to happen yearly.

Merry Christmas C you are loved more than you know,

Your intelligence, your kindness and your beauty grow and grow.

Please always remember you’re a very good girl;

You’re strong and determined; you’ll take on the world.

Keep Christmas happy and Christ in your heart.

Always smile and laugh and run in the park.

On Christmas Eve night if you listen hard

You’ll hear all my reindeer out in your yard.

Your cookies and milk bring me great joy

Though not as much as the look in your eye

On Christmas morning your smile’s so bright

It is the most wonderful end to my Christmas Eve night!

Merry Christmas C!


Santa Claus