Precipice of a Decade

Standing on the precipice of a decade overlooking the vast plains of my mind and unexplored surroundings, peering into my future, standing in the past, I feel my insecurities melting, crumbling into bits of rock dust mimicking the dust strewn rock under my boot clad feet.  Disowned and earthbound, my insecurities take flight with each gust of wind and gentle breeze.  They tangle my hair and graze my face but I’ve little attention to spare them.  I find letting go of my strangle hold on reality, of my sterile world of instant pocket-sized hand sanitizer, abruptly simpler, more desirable.  I accept life’s complexity and scorn inertia, awakening.  I see my children’s eyes filled with the promise of the world.  I understand.


One thought on “Precipice of a Decade

  1. jferrari says:

    You are a gifted composer of words,that form a symphony of the ups and downs and yes the constant bureaucratic
    idiosyncrasy of everyday life. But in this ever changing world of turmoil, I see promise and hope in my three daughters eye’s.
    and now Iam blessed with two grandchildren and with their beautiful smiles and hug, I understand.
    Keep writing!

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